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Challenger Deck 2022 - Mono White Aggro - Magic the Gathering

Challenger Deck 2022 - Mono White Aggro - Magic the Gathering
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Contents: • 60-card ready-to-play deck (includes basic lands) • 15-card sideboard • 1 deck box (can hold 75 sleeved cards) Please note, the Mono White Aggro Standard Challenger Deck contains 3 copies of the now Standard banned Faceless Haven. This deck will still be legal for tournament play in paper Magic: The Gathering formats, but only as-is. Specifically, the 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard will be legal as long as no changes are made to it. Decklist: Creature (30) 2 Reidane, God of the Worthy 4 Monk of the Open Hand 4 Usher of the Fallen 4 Codespell Cleric 4 Clarion Spirit 4 Luminarch Aspirant 1 Intrepid Adversary 2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben 2 Skyclave Apparition 3 Elite Spellbinder Instant (4) 2 Kabira Takedown 2 Fateful Absence Enchantment (3) 3 Paladin Class Land (23) 3 Faceless Haven 20 Snow-Covered Plains Sideboard (15) 2 Loyal Warhound 3 Cathar Commando 2 Portable Hole 2 Maul of the Skyclaves 2 Selfless Samurai 2 Sungold Sentinel 2 Imperial Recovery Unit