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Star Wars Legion Rally Point Qualifier Ticket

Star Wars Legion Rally Point Qualifier Ticket
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The Rally Point has been set, gather your troops and converge on Basingstoke for our Legion Rallypoint qualifier.


Participation: two alternate art participation prize cards—one Rebel Officer and one 74-Z Speeder Bikes.

Top 16: A Rebel token bag. The Rebel Alliance's iconic logo features in white print atop this 6 by 9 inch, wide-mouthed black bag, making it an obvious place for Rebel troop commanders of all sorts to store their command tokens.

Top 8: Complete set of Imperial acrylic command tokens, which includes enough tokens of each unit type to assemble any legal Imperial army.

Top 2: A double-sided, spot-glossed plastic card with the Rebel Officer on one side and the 74-Z Speeder Bikes on the other.

Champion: The Champion of each 2019 Rallypoint Qualifier wins an invitation to the 2020 High Command Invitational and—by extension—takes a massive step toward qualifying for the 2020 World Championship!