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Welcome to Burano, the island of lace located in the northern reaches of the Venetian Lagoon. Burano is known far and wide for its brightly colored, square houses that line the channels that run through the island. The island sustains itself through the efforts of the fisherman, as has been the custom since its foundation. However, the reason Burano has become the object of such desire is its beautiful, intricate lace. Made by the wives of fisherman while they were away, Burano's lace became highly regarded and requested by royalty all over Europe. As the head of a Burano household, it is your job to see your family succeed!

Using a cube-pyramid mechanic, you will organize your family and set tasks that will see your household thrive. Send someone fishing, set others to making lace, or give someone the task of building new houses for the island. The choice is yours, and everything you do will bring your family more prestige. Can you make your living on this beautiful island, and will you bring international renown to Burano?

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