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Blood Bowl: Middenheim Maulers Team

Blood Bowl: Middenheim Maulers Team
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A multipart plastic kit which builds a mixed hybrid team for Blood Bowl. Contains components from the existing Dwarf, Halfling and Human team sets to build the following players:

3 x Unique Halfling Hopefuls, 3 x Dwarf Blockers, 1 x Dwarf Blitzer, 1 x Dwarf Runner, 1 x Dwarf Troll Slayer, 3 x Human Linemen, 1 x Human Blitzer, 1 x Human Thrower

Also contains 15 x 32mm Blood Bowl bases, 3 x Dwarf balls, 3 x Human balls, 1 x Human Team Token, 1 x Dwarf Team Token, 1 x Human Turn Token, 1 x Dwarf Turn Token and 1 x Old World Alliance transfer sheet.

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