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Necromunda Gangs of The Underhive

Necromunda Gangs of The Underhive
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Gangs of the Underhive is your complete guide to the House Gangs of Necromunda. Inside, you'll find everything you need to found a killer gang of your own, whether you're building a crack squad of Delaque infiltrators or a brutal pack of Goliath killers. Inside, you'll find:

A brief guide to the background and lore of each of the House Gangs battling for control of the underhive
Rules for founding a gang for House Escher, Goliath, Orlock, Van Saar, Cawdor and Delaque A choice of Hired Guns to add to your gang
Options for adding a host of Hangers-on, Brutes and Exotic Beasts to your gang - from Sloppers to Sumpkrocs.
A complete and updated Trading Post, allowing you to add all manner of wargear, bionics and even pets to your gang during campaigns
8 Skill lists for upgrading and specialising your fighters
A quick reference sheet for checking out your key information at a glance

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